The Long Arming Sword (also known as a "Knightly Sword") is a one-handed, cruciform, double-edged weapon from the High Middle Ages. Being mainly used for hacking and slashing, it can quickly dispatch a foe.

Overview Edit

The Long Arming Sword is a one-handed weapon, meaning it can be held with a shield. It can be slotted in either the primary or secondary weapon section. The weapon deals 45 damage, along with piercing and cutting damage.

Attack Variety Edit

The weapon may perform normal swings, overhead and thrust attacks. Normal swings and overhead attack deal cutting damage, while thrust attack deals piercing damage.

Advantage Edit

Because of the weapon's fast attacks, decent damage and quick animations, it can deal a lot of damage at a short amount of time. It is possible to attack right after using an overhead attack. The thrust attack has a very quick animation, yet it has a delay after use.

Since the weapon can be held both as a secondary and a primary weapon, it is possible to equip a shield and have either a two-handed weapon, one-handed weapon or throwable weapon along with it.

Light armor and unarmored are very weak against the long arming sword, because of their vulnerability against piercing and cutting damage, which are the weapon's damage types, making it a good choice against them.

The long arming sword may attack with a shield up, and is the only weapon to do so. Succesfully blocking with the shield does not cost stamina, which means you could attack someone quickly after they get deflected.

Disadvantage Edit

The weapons' main damage types are piercing and cutting, which means heavy armor is fairly resistant against the weapon. Trading blows with a heavy armor user is unadvisable.

The thrust attack is very quick, yet it has a long delay after use, which disables the user from attacking and blocking for a short amount of time. It is important to time thrusts, else you would take unnecessary risks.

Using heavy armor with the long arming sword is unrecommended, as the weapon needs to be constantly on the attack, and heavy armor would slow down the user.

Using the long arming sword single-handedly for deflecting attacks costs it more stamina, which may lead to a quick death due to a lack of stamina. The long arming sword may be ineffective in long fights, as the weapon needs to kill a foe quickly before their stamina runs out.