The Gameplay of Cold Steel is pretty classic in terms of medieval fighting games. It is based off of other medieval fighting games like Mount & Blade and Chivalry: Medieval Warfare though Cold Steel is fairly tame in comparison, being on ROBLOX.


To learn about the controls, go to the Combat page.

Now that you've learnt the game controls, it's time to get a little more in-depth. The game involves a Health and Stamina system. Each Combatant starts with the value of 100 Health and 100 Stamina.


Each successful attack on an enemy Combatant (or yourself) will reduce the amount of health remaining, the certain amount depending on what armor is worn, or lack thereof. Deplete it to the value of 0 and they're taken out for the match.

Fortunately, your health will regenerate but at a very slow pace. You are also able to regenerate health slightly faster with Food. Be sure to keep your health points high for survivability!


Stamina is a very important thing for a Combatant to manage, right below Health. Every Combatant starts with 100 Stamina, a full gauge. Each attack you perform takes a certain amount of Stamina away, depending on the weapon.

Depleting your Stamina gauge will force you to perform both slower and weaker attacks - and beware - it takes quite a while until your Stamina recharges up from 0.

Damage Typing

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