The Flanged Mace is a type of mace, modified with flanges to raise its blow impact damage against sturdy armors. It was a popular weapon across all countries, and its use dates back up to the Upper Paleolithic age. It is a very effective and dangerous weapon in a close-quarter combat scenario.

Overview Edit

The Flanged Mace is a one-handed blunt weapon which can be equipped as a primary or secondary weapon slot. The mace deals 45 damage, which is both blunt and piercing damage similar to the Grand Mace, accompanied with quick attacking speed and fast blocks.

Attack Variety Edit

The Flanged mace may only perform normal swings and overhead attacks. It is not possible to thrust with the Flanged Mace. Its attacks may only deal blunt damage. The overhead attack does a relatively longer animation before hitting.

Advantage Edit

The Flanged Mace deals blunt damage, which means it is effective against heavy armor and has balanced damage against light and medium armor. Accompanied with it's quick attacking speed and good damage, it can very quickly dispatch of a heavily-armored foe. The overhead attack's long animation may be used to confuse the opponent and make them block quickly.

Since the weapon can be picked as a secondary or primary, you could wield a two-handed weapon that deals piercing and slash as a primary against light-armored users and have the mace against heavy armored users as a secondary, while also having a shield, if neccessary.

The mace can keep the stamina bar balanced, and is good for long fights.

Disadvantage Edit

The Flanged Mace's damage type is blunt. Compared to the other damage types - piercing and cutting - it is lacking against light armor, and should be mainly used against heavy armor.

The mace is unable to perform thrust attacks, whilst also having short reach, making it rely mainly on straight-on and close-ranged attacks instead of dealing blows from a safe distance. Getting close might also mean that blow-trading could occur easier.