Customization is the abillity to change the looks of a piece of equipment, whether it be dying the equipment a different colour, or changing its appearance entirely. Customization is purely for aesthetic purposes, and serves no statistical advantage against other equipment.


Customization lets the Combatant choose from different kinds of cosmetic equipment and dyes and adorn them to suit the combatant's needs. The pieces of equipment that can currently be customized are weapons, armor and helmets.

Equipment may be customized by going to the menu and heading to either the "Skins" tab to change an equipment's visuals or the "Colors" tab to change an equipment's color. A piece of equipment may be customized with one cosmetic and dye only. Cosmetics and dyes must be available in order to customize equipment.


Cosmetics are pieces of equipment which change the visuals of the current base equipment. They are found in Culture Packs, which can be bought from shops with in-game currency or via gamepasses.

Here is the list of all current available - or soon to be available - cosmetic equipment:

Cosmetics Piece of Equipment Equipment Name Culture Pack
example1 armor1 armorname1 culturepack1


Dyes are tools which are used to change the color of equipment. Dyes contain different colours and possibly patterns. They can be bought from shops via in-game currency.

Here is the list of all current available - or soon to be available - dyes:

Dye Name Pattern
example1 N/A
example2 pattern1

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