Culture Packs are special, themed packages comprised of maps, cosmetic weapons and armor that can be purchased through Game Passes on the Cold Steel game page. These Culture Packs, once released, will include at least a single free map that will be added into the game's map rotation.


The Culture Packs are based on real life Factions and are able to be purchased through Game Passes, supporting the creator of Cold Steel. Once purchased, Combatants are able to use the weapons and armor in combat as well as even be part of a faction of their choice.

Combatants are also allowed to purchase these weapons and armor seperately, though it is cheaper altogether as a bundle included into the Culture Pack.

Maps will also be added, at least a single free map from each Culture Pack. All Combatants will be able to battle in them for free, whether or not they own the specific Culture Pack.

List of Culture Packs

The Bushido Pack

With The Bushido Pack, the first Faction joins the Combatants to battle - the Japanese military organization, Samurai! Welcome our first ever Culture Pack into Cold Steel along with a free map as well as new weapon and armor cosmetics!

The Shinobi Pack

With The Shinobi Pack, the next Faction stealthily joins up with the Combatants into battle - the incredibly lethal and effective assassins of their era, the Ninjas! The second Culture Pack will be released into Cold Steel along with a free map as well as new weapon and armor cosmetics.


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